SSH1 vs. SSH2

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I am in QA attempting to test our SW's connectivity from server to client.
We are supporting SSH1 and SSH2 as configurable options.  According to one
of our developers, if the user selects SSH1 and the client is using an SSH2
server, SSH1 will still be supported as well in order to achieve backward
compatibility.  However, the server is NOT able to connect to the client and
the message I receive is that the server does not support SSH1.  Sorry if
this doesn't make sense, I am new to SSH.  I would appreciate any positive
insight into the issue.

Re: SSH1 vs. SSH2

In particular, find out what the initial version string sent by the server
is, which will appear in a debugging trace or just from "telnet <server> 22".

  Richard Silverman

Re: SSH1 vs. SSH2

Try the following

1. Edit the server's config file (sshd_config)
2. set the "protocol" directive to 2,1
3. restart the server

Now connect the client.


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