SSH, X forwarding, and an aging Sun workstation

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As of late I've been very interested in using my, now quite dated,
SparcStation 5 running Debian Linux. While the memory installed is
quite adequate, (224MB) the processor is lacking (~90mhz). If I SSH
over to my much more powerful workstation with an AMD Athlon using X
forwarding and forward over all of the common programs I use, Firefox,
Gaim, Abiword, and the like, given my network throughput, would that be
significantly faster than running them on the SparcStation? My theory
stems from my guess that my AMD processor based workstation could
process information, send it out over the network, and the SparcStation
could process that information faster than it could process each
individual task on its own. Is that a fair guess? Should I install
these programs locally? Thanks for the input.

Re: SSH, X forwarding, and an aging Sun workstation wrote:
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Sounds like a solution instead of a problem !  Just ssh to the AMD box
and be done with it.

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