ssh won't connect

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I am trying to ssh my home machine from work. I have done this many
times in the past with no problems. no the machine will not respond, I
can't gain access in any form. The machine is up and running as it
responds to ping. Any ideas as to why this would have suddenly stopped
working. I sort of need to access files from the machine from work so
it would be excellent if I could resolve this before the end of the day.

Re: ssh won't connect

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Doesn't sound like a ssh problem. Something (firewall) could well
block your access at your working place or/and your ISP.

You could try to ssh from some other system known to work to rule
out your ISP. Make sure you are authorized to use ssh from your
working place.

Good luck

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Re: ssh won't connect

Michael Heiming wrote:
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Thanks for the response and I agree that it probably has something to
do with my firewall. The problem is that I cannot access it from work
because I do not have the login and pass to change any settings. The
only thing I didn't understand is why it suddenly decided to stop
allowing any connections, very strange. I will try and figure out what
the hell happened when I get home from work, but I was hoping I could
access some of the files on the machine in the meantime. Oh well, I
guess my boss can wait until Monday. Thanks for all your help.

Re: ssh won't connect schrieb:
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Maybe it is not your firewall at home but your firewall at work? You are
not allowed to ssh home anymore in that case.


Re: ssh won't connect

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Your ISP can also stop access to common server ports, eg:
80, 8080, 20,21,22,23, 25,

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