SSH without encryption?

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Is there any way to get the port-forwarding abilities of SSH without the
encryption? The reason I would like this is that I am currently forwarding
ports from machine B to machine A, where A is the client and B is the
server. The thing is, some features of port forwarding can supposedly work
differently with this "reverse" forwarding.  So, I would like to have
machine A use SSH to connect to machine B, and set up forward one port from
B to A. Machine B would then use that port to connect to machine A via SSH
without encryption, and set up all the "normal" port forwarding it would
need. The reason I do not want to use encryption the second time is that it
would slow things down, and the session is already encrypted.


Re: SSH without encryption?

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Depends on the software.  The SSH2 spec has a "none" cipher but it's
listed as "NOT RECOMMENDED" and some implementations (eg OpenSSH)
don't support it.

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Have you actually *measured* a difference?  A fast cipher like arcfour
is almost as fast as no encryption, and the bottleneck is usually the
MAC anyway.

If you're using OpenSSH and *can* measure a difference then you may want
to take a look at the high-performance patches at: /

Note: unless you have a network with a large BDP (bandwidth-delay product,
aka a "long, fat pipe") then the patch will probably make little if any

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