SSH without a "Username or Password"?

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I have a terminal server which uses a Redhat distribution.  The
terminal server vendor has supplied me with a modified version of the
SSHD exe that allows for mapping of the serial ports directly to IP
addresses.  This allows for a direct connection to the serial ports by
use of only an IP address.  I would like to use SSH to make this
direct connection but would like to NOT have to enter either a
username or password.  I have configured the sshd_config file on the
terminal server to allow inbound ssh connections without passwords,
but have found no way to use a null username.  The serial consoles on
the devices I will be communicating with ,via these terminal server
ports, will use Tacacs or Raduis for user authentication. Therefore, I
am simply trying to use ssh to setup a more secure encypted
communications path.  Anyone know how to get sshd to allow a
connection without either a username or passord???

Thanks Very Much in Advance

Re: SSH without a "Username or Password"?

On 04/27/04 18:22 Ron Olsberg spoke:
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Maybe you could use "-l x" on the client to use a common username?

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Re: SSH without a "Username or Password"?

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That's going to depend very much on the modifications your vendor has
made for the direct-to-serial functionality.  Have you asked them?

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