SSH With Windows

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I need to know how to set NTFS permissions of a file on a destination
server after it has been scp'd or I need to know how to use a "\" with
the plink.exe command...

I'm trying to create an application that will scp a file to a Windows
server and then execute the file.  I use Putty's plink.exe (plink
user@host /cygdrive/c/whatever.exe) and it gives me the following error
"/cygdrive/c/whatever.exe: not found".  The reason it does this is
because the NTFS permissions are not set properly when the whatever.exe
is transferred...I can modify the ntfs permissions and it will work,
the problem is to programatically do that, I would need to use a "\"
(for example... plink user@host cacls.exe c:\whatever.exe /G
username:F, would set the proper permissions, I just can't figure out
how to get the "\" in c:\whatever.exe.

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