SSH v1's public modulo's vs. X.509 public modulo's

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Say you had an RSA public modulo of 0x80.  X.509 certificates would
require that number be represented as chr(0x00)+chr(0x80), lest it be
seen as a negative number (the underlying data type can be used to
represent either positive or negative numbers).

What about SSH v1?  Would SSH v1 represent 0x80 as chr(0x00)+chr(0x80)
or as just chr(0x80)?  What about SSH v2?

I'm curious about it because...  well, if they both use two different
schemes, then how is a multiple precision integer arithmetic library
supposed to know which one to use?  I guess, ultimately, they'd just
have to pick one and it'd be up to the end user to convert stuff over
as appropriate.

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