SSH tunnelling on port 80, but retrieved date are on another (unsecure) port?

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My notepad is wireless, and connects to the internet through my
stationary server. I want the notepad to communicate with the
stationary using ssh, and then the server use the internet in the
usual way. In that way my wireless connection is more secure (as all
communication in the air is ssh). BUT.... lets say the notepad is
setup to use the stationary server as a proxy, and uses a local port
on the notepad to use ssh connecting to the server. But what about the
data that the server/proxy returns, Are that data also using the same
port, or is it using some additional temporary port? Because then the
retrieved data are not encryptet?

If you cant understand the above then here is a chenario:
Notepad use SSH and the local port 80 and contact the server at port
80, also using SSH. In the same request the Notepad tells the server
to return the result at port X.
The server retrieves the web page from the internet, but then it sends
the data to the Notepad on port X.
Next time they maybe use port Y instead of X, because X is in use....

Is the example above true? If yes, then how can i use ssh to connect
to a proxy, where data in both directions are encrypted?


Re: SSH tunnelling on port 80, but retrieved date are on another (unsecure) port?

HTTP doesn't work that way; the response to a request is returned along
the same TCP connection (and hence protected by the same SSH tunnel).

  Richard Silverman

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