ssh tunneling newbie question

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I'd like to access web pages on the internal web server at work from
home, using ssh.  I can ssh to my account at work and run mozilla
remotely, but that's very slow, because I only have a cable modem at

I'd like to be able to `fool' the work web server into thinking I am
using my work account to access it, so it lets me view the web pages,
without having to run mozilla remotely.

Can anyone help, please?

I tried

ssh -N -f -L 8080:www.intranet.local:80 user@my_work_account

where www.intranet.local and user@my_work_account is my work account

but I just get a long pause, and messages about the connection being
refused.  Please help - what could I be doing wrong?

Both home and work machines run RedHat.


Re: ssh tunneling newbie question

Hello Travis,

You fail to mention what URL your are putting into the browser.  As you
stated that you are a newbie....



Travis Perkins wrote:
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Re: ssh tunneling newbie question

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If his webserver uses name-based virtual hosting, rewrites the webservers
"ServerName" into canonical format, or does a bunch of other interesting
steps, this will not work well.

I understand that tunneling an SSH X-Windows can be a very slow performer:
can you instead get your website to run a VPN which you could connect
through? That way your home machine does pretend to be on your work network.

Re: ssh tunneling newbie question

If your SSH client is OpenSSH 3.7 and your web browser supports socks5,
then the neatest solution is to forward a local port via the ssh -D option
and set your browser to use that as its SOCKS gateway.

  Richard Silverman

Re: ssh tunneling newbie question (Travis Perkins) wrote in message
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 If you don't care too much about the secure part of the ssh and you
don't really mind 8 bit color, I know that it is possible to set up
apache to server a web page that displays a windows or linux or BSD or
Solaris desktop using either VNC or TightVNC - and it is possible to
tunnel VNC as http (if you're behinde a firewall and/or proxy), with a
program called HTTPTunnel4VNC.  In my experience,tunneling ssh with X
through a proxy or firewall is much slower than this method even when
compressed. If you would like to try this I'll do my best to explaine

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