ssh tunnel works with putty.exe but fails with plink.exe

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I am establishing a ssh tunnel between a Windows XP client running putty /
plink 0.55 and a Linux server running OpenSSH 3.4p1 (RedHat 8.0).
Using putty.exe and the Tunnelling configuration screen, I can setup a local
port tunnel, save it as a session, and it works just fine.  No problems.  I
can log in, then start MS Query (yes, I know) and it uses the tunnel and
everything works.

But when I use plink.exe in a cmd.exe shell to make the same connection, MS
Query hangs.  I do "plink -load sessionname" and I get a connection prompt,
I log in, the command shell on the server is available, but MS Query hangs
waiting for a connection when I try to connect.  Same with MS Access.  The
plink -v option shows the same event messages that putty shows -- the tunnel
is opened at the expected time but nothing seems to go through.

I don't get it.  The same connection with the same app works great when I
log in using putty.exe.  But plink.exe, nothing.  What have I done wrong?  I
can't believe I've found a bug.

Re: ssh tunnel works with putty.exe but fails with plink.exe

I still don't get it, but I no longer care.  Doing "putty -load sessionname"
cmd.exe works just as well.  Who needs plink when putty will do ...

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