SSH Tunnel with Public-Key

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Hey guys,

I have some slide problems with the public key authentication!

I found a lot of documentation about that - but to be honest I just can't
get it to work!

What I want to do is:

use public key authentication to open a tunnel to our terminal server.

What I can do:

login with the unsername and the password and create a tunnel.

My current setup:

Client: Windows 2000 sp4 / Windows XP sp2

Server: OpenSSH 3.4 on a Debian machine.

So what I did was:

generating a public and private key using the putty key generator.

transfering the public key to the server and put it in the (homedir)\.ssh
and called the file "authorized_keys" - I also tried it with

But putty only says:

"Server refused our key" when I try to log in!

Can you may help me?

One additional question:

When I did it setting up that users can authenticate by public key - is
there a way of keeping them away to get access to the shell?

I know that about the "bin/false", but if I do that in the /etc/shadow then
they will not be able to log on at all! Then they will get and "access

Which means that they won't even be able to start the tunnel!

So what I actually want is that they do not have any access to my linux box
and just open the tunnel.

Thanks in advance!


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