ssh tunnel disappears

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Hi all,

I have set up ths system for key authentication. Thanks Richard.

now I face the following problem:

# ssh -f -N -L 1000:
# telnet localhost 1000  gives me the telnet login of the
machine; so far so good. login: root
passwd: ******

# exit

connection closed by remote and the tunnel has gone.

client is solaris 8 and server solaris 9.

how could I prevent the tunnel from dissapearing? it should remain
forever -:)

thanks for all help.

Re: ssh tunnel disappears

This doesn't happen normally -- do some debugging and find out why the
client is exiting.

  Richard Silverman

Re: ssh tunnel disappears

thanks for replying Richard.
traces show that not the client but the server closes the connection.
i replaced the sshd that comes with solaris 9 by the openssh
one and ...problem solved!

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