ssh to solaris 9

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i have run into a problem i can't seem to find the answer to.

i can't ssh into a newly installed solaris 9 box. i get a couple of
connection closed messages however looking at /var/adm/messages shows that i
authenticated in, but for whatever reason the connection closes on me.

i know this is an easy one for someone.

someone know what i need to do to fix  this?...

Re: ssh to solaris 9

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I'd have a quick look at /etc/hosts.allow and hosts.deny

Todd H. /

Re: ssh to solaris 9

There is a Solaris 9 bug if you have enabled X11 forwarding.

You will need to back out a Solaris ssh patch
# patchrm 118305-04

Also for good measure moodify you sshd_config as:
# IPv4 only
# IPv4 & IPv6
#ListenAddress ::

-Good Luck...

Re: ssh to solaris 9

i've performed all steps mentioned, but still no ssh access to the box... i
guess i better talk to one of the infrastructure guys... the error message
is can open an x display socket... i'm gonna go over sshd_config in this
regard when i get to work later...

once i figure out what it is, i'll reply back to the thread...


Re: ssh to solaris 9

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the solutions:

start sshd server with the -4 option, is sshd -4
ssh -ax etc etc

thanks, all


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