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I have local network af 3 PC's . OpenSSH server installed on my fedora and
Putty client on 2 other PC's. I can communicate with my server by using ssh
but when i try to communicat with my server from internet i get a timeout. I
have router(firwall) that connect my LAN to outside world. I know that port
22 is closed when i am on internet and therefore i have changed Port in
sshd_config to 4321 but i can't communcat with my server. I have removed my
router and try to communcat with my server by using ports(24,4321,...)
without any success.

Any ide will be apriciated.


Re: SSH time out

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You can specify multiple "Port" directives in sshd_config on separate lines
to have sshd listed on all of them.

Try using telnet to connect from an external network to your external IP
address and see if you can get an "SSH" banner, like so:

$ telnet your.external.ip 4321
Connected to your.external.ip (your.external.ip).
Escape character is '^]'.

If you don't get the banner, then you have a firewall configuration
problem not an SSH problem.  Normally, firewalls do not allow incoming
connections and must be configured to allow them.  (How you do this
depends on the firewall, check the documentation and/or speak to your
firewall admin.)

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