ssh session dies (no response from putty)

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I've got a strange problem in using putty 0.57. Ssh to my linux server
is fine. However, if I leave the connection open for a long period
(e.g. 5 hours) without using it, instead of disconnected by the server,
the ssh session (or putty itself) just hangs there without any
response. I've already selected the keep alive options (both tcp and
session (300secs)).

Also, the same problem occurs if I ssh from the ssh shell. For example,
after I logged in to my linux server. I ssh from my server to another
server. If I want to exit the second server, I entered "exit" or
"logout", which should then take me back to the original ssh connection
(to my server) and it should normally display "Connection to <server
name> closed.". But instead putty has no response (hanged) after I
issued "exit" or "logout".

Why would this happen and how to stop this from happening?


Re: ssh session dies (no response from putty)

I think I found the answer. It is a problem so-called "hang on exit".



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