SSH Secure Shell 3.2.5 (non-commercial) PROBLEM

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Hi Folks,

I've happily been using SSH 3.2.3.  Recently, I got a new PC and installed
SSH 3.2.5 only to find that I couldn't make it forward the DISPLAY
variable, even if I compiled it with --without-x11-security.  When I
copied across my old SSH 3.2.3 tar-file and installed that, everything
worked as it used to.  All the configuration files are including the X
SecurityPolicy are the same on both machines.

Have some defaults changed?  I can't find anything about it in README
CHANGES, or /etc/ssh2/ssh2_config.

I've looked at the debugging info and the only difference is that the
3.2.5 client never requests X forwarding like the 3.2.3 client does.

Any suggestions?  Should I post the debugging info?


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