SSH Proxy through multiple servers/proxies?

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There is a lot of useful information on doing SSH proxy of ones web
traffic tunneling it to a SSH shell account but I am not finding much
in the way of how one might leverage multiple SSH enabled shell
accounts to basically have the traffic pass through multiple hops /

Sounds pretty devious I know, and one can only assume that someone
would want to do that to make it harder for someone to track down
where something originates from.  Either that or I would have to just
be a very paranoid individual who subscribes to the many "big brother"
conspiracy theories out there.

No matter what I say is my reasoning for wanting to know how to
accomplish something like this others will apply their own thoughts
and assumptions so its pointless to even go there.

I am interested in knowing how it could be done, or why it can't be
done.  Its a common theme in a lot of movies and tv shows where the
"bad guy" either places a call, or uses the internet to hop through
multiple servers or machines to make it harder for them to trace.

I have at times SSH'd from one shell to another to another and on to
do legitimate security or connectivity testing from various remote
hosts so I know that can be done.  Not sure about the forwarding or
proxying of web traffic from one to another though.

Probably a no brainer huh?

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