ssh over X11 error

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Hi all,

1) I've got a fedora 4 box running openssh .
2) I can run the xclock program just fine from another linux box to the
fedora box using both ssh -X and the unix version of putty with X11
forwarding enabled.
3) I cannot run xclock from any windows machine on our network with a
remote ssh session going from windows into fedora via putty and X11
forwarding enabled. The login goes fine and I can run any shell
command, but when running any X program shuch as xclock it gives me:

 X connection to x.x.x.x:10.0 broken (explicit kill or server shutdown)

Turning logging on via the putty / windows session , I just see
MIT-magic-cookie being exchanged and the and the '10.0 broken' error .
I believe that the windows machine local firewall is disabled.

Any ideas ?

Re: ssh over X11 error

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Not to insult you, but are you running an X-server on the windows
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Re: ssh over X11 error

Randy Yates wrote:
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No insult taken. Forgot about that - I'm not a windows user ;-) . I'll
download cygwin / x11 . Thanks for the clue-by-four .


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