ssh over router?

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hi i have a problem. i purchased following router:
Acer WLAN Broadband Router/Access Point / 802.11b (AG.WL11B.RU3)

this router has 3 10/100 ports, an access point and a router all in one. it
routes both wireless as well as cabeld clients.

my router is connected to a cable modem and has a static ip address. now if
i want to connect to a client within my LAN from the internet obviously i
have to go over my router with the static ip.
can i somehow pass my router an argument (ie an ip address of a client
machine within my LAN) so it passes the ssh request to the proper machine?

i would be very thankful if anyone could give me a hand : )

Re: ssh over router?

Hi Tom,
I understood you this way, that you would be able to login from your lan
over the router
to any ssh-server in the www, but not properly the way around from outside
to inside.

I think you have to configurate the router by "port forwarding".
This means, if a client from the www wants to connect to your server the
router knows that by using
a port, port 22, the client wants to access to your server ( ).
At using an other ssh-router you had to route over a second port (23) to
this server ( ).
Otherwise the request would go the same way to the first server.
Read in the manual accoring port forwarding.

I hope i was able to give you a small hand you are able to cope with these


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Re: ssh over router?

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Yes, most of the WAPs I've seen allow this.  Another option I use is to
set the machine to establish a tunnel with a machine that does have a
public IP address.  Any host with SSH service (even the cheapo mail-
only accounts) should suffice.  Then just run SSH to that public machine,
contacting your firewalled machine on the appropriate port.  (I usually
do this for mobile devices.)

For example, if you run "ssh -R 2250:localhost 22 publichost" on your
firewalled host, you can get to it from the outside using something like
"ssh -p 2250 publichost".  (You might want to check out Rocks or Reliable
SSH to keep the tunnel alive.)

Re: ssh over router?

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I assume all your machines in your LAN are using private IP addresses,
and your router is doing NAT for your internal machines to connect to
For external machine to be able to connect to a service (such as SSH)
running on a internal machine, you need to configure your router to do
"port forwarding", means when when an ssh client connects to port 22
on your router's STATIC IP address, the router needs to forward the
connection to your internal machine running the SSH server.


thank you a lot guys, i got it working : )

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