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im new here and i have the following problem with my ssh client.

I use SuSE 8.2 and ssh version OpenSSH_3.5p1.

I want to connect a computer into the www from my local host
( But i use a proxy server Into putty
under M$ i can use proxy preferences and i can say please use proxy over port 1080 use proxy type socks 5.

How can i do the same with my ssh client under linux?

best regards

Re: ssh over proxy

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The easiest way is probably using ssh's ProxyCommand option with a
suitable command, eg "connect" [1].

Download and install connect, then add this to you ssh config (either
$HOME/.ssh/config or the global ssh_config):

Host *
    ProxyCommand connect -5 -S %h %p

Alternatively, you could use a tool like "socksify" which is part of
the dante [2] package.  There's a few more traps with this (eg since it
uses LD_PRELOAD if your ssh is setuid it won't work).


[2] /

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Re: ssh over proxy

Darren Tucker schrieb:

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cool it works very fine.

This was the first time that i get a really help by an posting into the

Short, exactly an good ...

many, many thx

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