ssh only for cvs and svn

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i want to reduce ssh login only for svn and cvs
how should i config sshd ?


Re: ssh only for cvs and svn

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sshd can be configured to accept incoming sessions only for users in
certain groups.

But users in these groups would be allowed to use ssh for anything
else than cvs or svn too.

So what you can do is to create alternate user accounts, with as login
shell some restricted shell that allows them only to use cvs (or svn).

Have a look at:

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Re: ssh only for cvs and svn

Pascal Bourguignon wrote:

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You can also review the Subversion documentation and its notes on
setting up SSH authorized keys to *only* permit certain operations, by
limiting the command line options of that key. This is often used with
the SSH+svnserve setup.

Alternatively, Subversion permits HTTPS based access, but the UNIX
clients tend to store the user password locally in clear text: I
consider that a huge security misbehavior, and recommend the SSH based
access for exactly this reason.

CVS, I'd suggest you throw out immediately and switch over to
Subversion, if at all possible.

Re: ssh only for cvs and svn

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You can modify the Restricted Shell in order to accept svn, currently
it accepts cvs.


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