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I need to be able to download files from Linux box to Windows.  I want
to use PUTTY's Plink to automate the process.  That means that I have
to use ssh.
It's all new to me.  I've read Plink's documentation and it looks very
straightforward.  Now, how do I know if I have all the ssh components?
 When I try to search for ssh on my linux box I can't find /root/.ssh
and I can't find the file authorized_keys nor known_hosts.  I don't
even know what version of ssh I have.  How can I find that out? Why
can't I find .ssh and the files where to put the keys?  Am I missing
something?  Where do I get what I'm missing?  Do I have to run
something before it all comes together?
Please let me know where can I start with this.

Re: SSH newby question

It depends on the distribution of linux, but in Redhat 7.X, if ssh was
installed by rpm you can use rpm -qa |grep ssh to show you all of the
packages installed that are ssh related.  You can create the .ssh
directory as needed as well as the known_hosts and authorized keys
files.  Keep in mind, however, that if you cut and paste the keys into
the known_hosts or authorized keys files, each key has to be a
continuous string.  In other words no carriage returns, spaces, etc.
It's ok if it naturally wraps though.  I hope this helps some.

Randy (N.K.) wrote in message
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Re: SSH newby question

Thanks for your help.  
Now, I have another question.  Since I need to move files from Linux
box to Windows, it looks like I will not be able to use PLink since
PUTTY doesn't port to UNIX yet.  How can I use SSH to move files to
Windows?  I understand I need to run some kind of a server on Windows
box and a client on the Linux box.  Is whatever I have on Linux
enough?  Where can I get a Windows ssh server (it pretty much has to
be free...)?
Thanks in advance! (Randy Brown) wrote in message
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Re: SSH newby question

N.K. wrote:

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OpenSSH under UNIX/Linux runs just fine as a server to the SSH protocol
that Putty uses. Most modern Linux distrubutions have OpenSSH built
right into their published release.

For a Windows SSH server, I recommend the OpenSSH package in CygWin

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