ssh may be crashing my Linksys router

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Hi folks,

This is going to sound paranoid, but I can't explain it
in any other way. I will log in to my home server from afar
using ssh, on a port other than the usual ssh port. I've
set up port forwarding on my Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless
router so that my server is accessible. However very often
in the middle of an ssh session (using Putty), the router
will crash. Usually it is when there is a sudden gush
of data, i.e. a program on the server suddenly wants to
print a lot. The server itself does not go down, nor
does Putty crash. I've contacted my cable provider and
they have tested the cable modem and they claim it's OK.

Can anyone tell me if they've seen this sort of thing
happen before or if they think it might be something else?


Re: ssh may be crashing my Linksys router wrote:
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I can't begin to understand why putty would do something different that
could affect an intermediate router, but yes I and at least one other
person have seen something similar.

Most of the time I'm using cygwin/openssh at home now, so I haven't
noticed if this problem remains for me or not....

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Re: ssh may be crashing my Linksys router

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There's a documented history[1] of certain versions of Linksys firmware
screwing up SSH connections, a bit of payback is only fair :-)

It's possible that the router is crashing due to buffer exhaustion or
something.  If you're connecting into an ADSL service the then the
bulk of the data transfer is in the opposite direction normal.  If this
is the cause then you might reduce the level of problems by enabling
compression on the connection.  Does the same thing happen if you host
a high-volume service (chargen would be a good test for this).


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