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I've been looking for somewhere to learn the basics/fundamentals of
SSH and using it on Linux(possible windows also).  I am having a very
hard time finding docs and how-to's that relate to the SSH basics.  I
know how to use it, but little else, and I am going to need to be a
advanced user with a solid understanding of ssh.

I was able to get it up and running correctly, but have little
understanding of how I did it, (lots of hand holding how to's that
just give you syntax) what is involved, or how to customize the setup.

I've looked through the following docs on the Linux Documentation
MindTerm-SSH-HOWTO, ppp-ssh, and POP via SSH mini-HOWTO

But they were of limited usefullness. had only user docs and white sheets, again only of limited
usefullness. has some usefull info, but nothing to really give me the
base I need to build upon.

If there are any beginning/intermediat docs, how to's, papers, CBT's
(would really like a cbt ) or webpages that take someone from
somewhere above novice..  to advanced level...   please let me know.

I'm looking to avoid getting the O'Reilly SSH book for now, any pay
for book really.  :)


Re: SSH info... Help me RTFM

[looking for docs, after doing some good research]
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Try /

There's some introductory slides and a more detailed tutorial in several
formats.  At some point these will probably be used to supplement the
docs on

Can't help you with CBT, though.

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Re: SSH info... Help me RTFM

This is good stuff.. Thanks.!

I'd like to get as much as possiblem...!!! Any other stuff out
there??? something to help me grow my base knowledge??? (Darren Tucker) wrote in message
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