ssh implementation for RTEMS

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I have an embedded system based on RTEMS.

It does not have address spaces or processes, it simply uses threads
in 1 shared address space.
I want to include SSH but I ran into a problem after some code-
inspection of the openssh implementation.
If a new connection is accepted, a child process is created (This
child has its own address space). At various places in the code global
and static variables are used, which is fine in case each session has
its own address space. But this is a problem in case all sessions are
running in 1 address space. It would mean we can only support 1 child,
which is too limited.
Is there a solution for this, or is there any other SSH implementation
that does not used this big amount of global variables, but groups
them into a structure of which I can create multiple instances.

Any help is appreciated.

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