ssh from Win to aix. Srvr unexpectedly closed network connection..

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I'm trying to connect without a password to one of our unix boxes from
Vista or XP.
Others within the company are doing so, and I need to set it up so I
can as well.

I used puttygen to generate a 2048 bit  rsa keypair. I logged into the
unix system as myself. Created a .ssh directory. cd'd into the .sh
directory, and then created an authorized_keys file.
Into this authorized_keys file, I put the contents of my public key.

SITE$/home/US163/krrsut/.ssh> cat authorized_keys

I then try using Putty on the Vista box.
I set yo the ip address of the server and choose ssh
I clicked to the ssh category and then Auth.
I browse to my private key and then try to open the connection.

I connect, it asks for the name I want to login as.
I type in my username abd then I get the usual warning that it's a
private system yadda yadda yadda, and then
I get the error "Server unexpectedly closed network connection"

Help? Anyone?



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