SSH Easy Tunnel Easy Way to access Unix server or a LAN From a windows client

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We have just release a new software to manage ssh Tunnel.

SSH tunnels are very easy to set up to allow external worker to get
encrypt access (VPN) to a LAN.

Please visit our web site for more information about ssh tunnels.

SSH Tunnel is the most reliable way to build A Virtual Private Network.
SSH Tunnel works with a SSH server and allows to access resources within
a Local Area Network from the outside.

SSH Easy Tunnel uses plink software (a part of putty) to build up an
encrypted tunnel. We decided to use plink for its reliability and
because it is probably the most used software in the world to make SSH
connection under windows environment. But SSH Easy Tunnel is not only a
Graphic User Interface for plink, it also bring new functionalities such

-          Automatically launching an application when the connection is
established: i.e. Outlook

-          Reask password after a certain amount of time

-          Packageable: installation package with already configured
connections can be build easily

-          Easily configurable

-          Minizing ressource while working on system tray

-          Possibility to use SSH Easy Tunnel for managing also SSH
terminal access

-          Choice of Icon to represent each connection

-          User Friendly

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