ssh does not get original @INC $PATH values

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Hello Group,

When I logon to a different machine, on which I have an account, my
shell does not have the original @INC and $PATH environment values,
which I will have if logged on to that machine directly.  @INC is the
variable where perl looks for its module.

Can anyone please explain and tell me a solution so that when I log on
to a machine, I should have original $PATH and @INC variable values.

I will appreciate this.



Re: ssh does not get original @INC $PATH values

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Generally shells can be run two ways, interactively and login.

They generally source different RC files depending on how they are called.
Its quite possibe that ssh is running your shell differently than how
ever you otherwise access the machine.

If you setup your $PATH and @INC in one of the RC files for one of the
way a shell can be called, they won't be picked up in the other.

I'd say read the man page, but it doesn't specify things all that
closely in the version manpage I have. Or if you are using bash, the
two different rc files it reads are either .bashrc or .bash_profile.
Some of the different linux distributions I believe has .bash_profile
source .bashrc or vice-versa. You could try that trick.

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