ssh does not execute with remote vars...

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see NG posting down i got the problem that some servers not starting via
ssh -i ip command option... local it works fine

i testet little bit more...(mailed yesterday about my problem)
local PC (ip .21)
echo $var
ssh -i key ip.21 echo $var
empty line returned..

then i make on the pc from which i wanna connect from lets say ip .24
ssh -i key ip.21 echo $var
looks like he only takes vars from local and not to execute it from remote
thats the problem why some servers not remote start via ssh -i key ip
command line
any ideas how i can resolv this or other ideas (other programms ?
thank you

Re: ssh does not execute with remote vars...

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The shell expands the variables on the command line before ssh sees
them.  You'll have the same problem with any other program, try:
echo ssh -i key ip.21 echo $var

If you want the variable to be expanded remotely you'll need to escape
the "$" or quote the whole command, eg:

ssh -i key ip.21 echo $var
ssh -i key ip.21 'echo $var'

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Re: ssh does not execute with remote vars...

hmm does not work..same like before with
'echo $var'
echo $var
but the real problem is ...i testet it only cause of my command server will
not execute remotely

here my server command line which works local perfectly....(opens a screen
deattached with this server) , the whole lines are in a .sh file which
permissions are correct.
screen -dmS test /usr/bin/sudo -u test /usr/test/bingame -game

when i try the same over
ssh -i key ip path/

it does nothing , if i do it only with
screen -dmS test in the it works fine....(without startet server)
when i start only the hlds_run server he means i got incorrect game i
think hlds_run is looking not local for game its looking on the remote pc
andere then comes fault....

any ideas?
thank you

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