SSH Connects for me only sporadically.

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I have a strange problem sshing in to my linux box. Most of the time I
get either "Connection refused" or "Connection timed out" (Connection
refused happens a bit more often), but every now and then, perhaps
once every two days, the connection actually succeeds.

Now the server is behind a wireless router, connected with wireless. I
have set up port forwarding for both the SSHD as well as a secure
apache server. Both are on the default ports internally, but my ssh
port has a non standard external port number. Accessing the secure web
server works fine and brings up the page instantly.

I have tried connecting from both putty and cygwins command line open
ssh (server is linux, client is windows), and I get the same results.
Connecting with ssh on the local lan at home works fine every time.

Is there anything strange about ssh that would make connecting fail
most of the time when an https connection always succeeds?

Are there any server or client settings that I could adjust to make it
work better?


Re: SSH Connects for me only sporadically.

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Interesting question.   https server and ssh server are both on this
same box right?      If so, that sorta rules out the tendency to burn
the wireless in effigy.  

When you ping the wireless router from your linux box... any packet
loss to speak of?    Packet loss % from your lan to the outside world
less than a percent?    I have noted that if I'm having a packet loss
issue on the cable modem, my first indication of it always seems to be
dropped ssh connections.  

Any chance your wireless router needs a reboot or kick in the head?
It's a longshot, but easy enough to try.  Possible the provider or an
upstream might be filtering the port your ssh server is externally
listening on, but happy with the port your https server is externally
on?  Could the sporatic nature be attributable to load balancing and
one upstream provider having different filtering than the other?

Probably not any of that, but some ideas anyway.  Be sure to post the
resolution if/when you find it.  This is kinda intriguing.

Todd H. /

Re: SSH Connects for me only sporadically.

On Jun 18, 9:06=A0am, (Todd H.) wrote:

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At the moment it seems to be something do to with the firewall client-
side. The https goes through a transparent proxy (mainly to filter out
specific sites) ok. I assumed arbitrary outgoing connections on other
ports are ok though, as I haven't had problems with other things yet,
but it seems they are being blocked by the firewall in some cases.
Strange that it sometimes works though...

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