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I am having problems connecting my linux box to my windows box via
SSH. I have opened up port 22 on my linux box firewall, my router, and
my windows xp box. I try to connect using the following command: ssh
username@IP_Address. When I do this command, it just hangs and
eventually says, "Connection refused". I have tried to connect on both
sides of the router: At IHOP, and at home. In both places, it hangs. I
tried connecting SSH at home (inside the router), by issuing the
following command: ssh username@ (the IP of my windows
box), but it says, "ssh: connect to host port 22:
Connection refused". If anyone has an idea of where I should go next,
I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


Re: SSH Connection

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"Connection refused" means you don't seem to have a server running
on the port 22 that you reached.  Maybe you have no ssh server
running (best checked on the host you believe has the server) or
maybe routing/firewall arrangements don't allow you to reach the
(right) port.

Elvis Notargiacomo  master AT barefaced DOT cheek /

Re: SSH Connection

I checked services running, and smbd, nmbd, and windbd are all
running.  Is there another service that I should check?


Re: SSH Connection wrote:
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None of those has anything to do with ssh.

To connect using ssh you need sshd (that is an ssh daemon) running on
the system *to* which you are connecting.

I.e. if you want an ssh client on the Windows system to be able to
connect to the Linux system then the Linux system must be running
sshd (the ssh daemon is called sshd on all Linux systems I have ever
come across).

Or, the other way around, if you want to connect a Linux client to the
Windows system using ssh then the Windows system must be running an ssh
server process (an "ssh daemon" in Unix/Linux parlance).  I'm not sure
what ssh server software is in common use on Windows.

Chris Green

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