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I'm trying to setup my .ssh/config to log in to a host behind a firewall.
The command line version:

  ssh -t ssh

works as expected; unfortunately I can't get this working via the config.
I tried a number of options and I thought for sure that this would do it:

Host example
ProxyCommand ssh -t %h ssh

Can anyone explain why this doesn't work?

Re: ssh_config question

I've sort of worked this out...

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The above won't work but the below will:

Host secret
ProxyCommand ssh nc %h %p

I think I'm not understanding exactly what ProxyCommand does.

Re: ssh_config question

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ProxyCommand specifies a program which the SSH client will use to contact
the remote SSH server.  Instead of opening a TCP connection, it runs this
program and uses its stdin/stdout as the communications channel.

Your first command does not connect the SSH client to an SSH server; it
connects it to the stdin/stdout of a shell on

  Richard Silverman

Re: ssh_config question

On Tue, 18 Dec 2007 22:42:46 -0500, Richard E. Silverman wrote:

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Ah- I get it now... ProxyCommand handles the TCP connection whereas when
I do `ssh -t ssh` the ssh client makes its own
connection. That would explain why it's called "ProxyCommand"  :)

The man page makes more sense to me now, but your explanation is much
more clear. (I guess that's why you wrote the book) Thank you.


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