v3.2.9.1 slow performance with ftp over ssh port forwarding?

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i am using a ssh port forwarded tunnel to secure a ftp connection between 2
linux boxes.
both run the same ssh version, mentioned in subject.

what i do is:

ssh -l username remotehost -L ftp/10001:localhost:21

ftp/ should ensure that the data channel is encrypted via the tunnel as
well, not only the control channel.

anyways, i got a 3 mbit dsl line here, and am not able to get more than
210KByte/sec over the forwarded ftp connection. i treid the same setup to
other machines as well, same results. i tried changing the ciphers,
performance stays the same. i mean i would expect some overhead, but not
anything near 100%, cause if i do regular ftp transfer to that remote box i
get a constant speed of around 355 KByte/sec.
i also tried using SFTP, which also gives me about 350 Kbyte/sec.....
anyways, for certain reasons, i need the ftp connect through a port forward
tunnel, otherwise i'd stick with SFTP.
can anyone tell me if there are certain tweaks or config settings for port
forwarding that improve performance? or is it really a simple overhead
problem, and nothing can be done about it?

thanks for any help ...


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