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I have a problem with ssh failing.
Some external users send data to our firewall using ssh.

$ ssh firewall handle_data args < data

When handle_data do a 'ssh real_host handle_data', all works well.
But when handle_data do
'iconv -f utf8 -t latin1 | ssh real_host handle_data' the data get cut.

I have made a small script to demo the bug:
-- cut --

# produce output with pauses

for (( I=0 ; I < 10 ; I=I+1 )) ; do
     cat $0
     sleep 1
done |

ssh localhost 'cat | ssh localhost cat'
-- cut --

I have tried different versions:
OpenSSH_3.6.1p2 Debian testing
OpenSSH_3.7.1p1 Solaris 8
OpenSSH_3.6.1p2 Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 3

They all fail i the 2nd loop with 'Resource temporarily unavailable'

If I change the last line to
ssh localhost 'ssh localhost cat'
or to
ssh localhost 'cat | cat'
all works fine.

Regards Jens Henrik Jensen

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