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in the last few days i learned basically to use ssh. Now, the following
problem arises: I have a Desktop and a Laptop. I wanted to use ssh as a
socks proxy and tried the following:

laptop> ssh -D 9080 user@desktop

(of course, user is a valid user at the desktop)
then, i configured the laptop-browser to use


as http-proxy server. I thought, i would be able, to surf on the laptop via
the ssh connection over the desktop to the internet. But typing an address

in the laptop browser, simply nothing happens. Maby, this is a problem of
the socks version (4 or 5), that is implemented on my laptop. Nevertheless,
when i close the ssh connection, i get an error message from the
laptop-browser, because the proxy server can not be found.

My questions are
1) is this principally the right way?
2) where can i find more information?
3) where can i find error messages or other information about what is
happenig at the ssh connection. (I find nothing about this ssh session in
the /var/log/messages)

Thank you for any information

Re: ssh as socks proxy

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Two things:
        you're setting http proxy, and you want to be setting SOCKS
        proxy in your browser.

        Try  instead of localhost to head off a possible
        braind deadness of the OS in question.

Todd H. /

Re: ssh as socks proxy

Todd H. wrote:

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That works. Thank you

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