ssh and Pseudo-terminal

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i need to implement, within a window of an UI, a "Pseudo-terminal"
connected to a remote host via ssh.

I'm using OpenSSH localy and dropbear remotly.

when i connect from command line, i get login message, escape sequences,
waiting prompt and logout message.

but, when using my ruby script i don't see anymore control chars (except
\n and \r).

then i wonder how ssh detects my UI isn't a "Pseudo-terminal" and what
to do to let it see my UI as such ?

do you have some URLs for that ?

I've read the rfcs 4251-4 but those didn't help me much.

Notice, for the time being, user is authentify elsewhere, in order to
connect from CLI, i need only to type in a Terminal :
$ ssh -T TT
TT being the "name" of the remote host.

Une Bvue

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