ssh and private LANs

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I just started to learn something about ssh. And there is one thing I
need to know. How is it possible to connect to a computer in a private
LAN (with nat) over internet? Since I need to use ssh with a specific
ip ...

Re: ssh and private LANs

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It is possible to pass SSH traffic through NAT both ways.
- Outbound traffic is totally straightforward.
- For inbound traffic obviously the NAT box is going to need telling
  where to forward it.  Consult the docs for your NAT tool.

Or are you saying that someone has provided you with an SSH account
accepting traffic only from one IP and you wish to use other IPs ?

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Re: ssh and private LANs

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Connecting FROM a nat-ted client is no problem - SSH has no problem with
this.  Connecting TO a nat-ted host cannot be done without tunnelling or
forwarding support by the NAT device.

Most routers that do NAT allow you to forward port 22 to a specific machine on
the internal network.  If you set that up, than you can SSH to the external
address of the NAT device and it will connect you to the internal machine.
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