SSH and anonymity

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I notice that each time I log on to the host server, it displays my IP, or
actually the IP of
my last login.  This must mean it is logging my IP.   Maybe it is a revolving
log, being
over-written by each new login, but nevertheless,  there will be a log at any
one time of my
last IP addrress together with the date and time of connection.  Thus a simple
process to
single me out if anyone wanted to.  

As a newbie relatively speaking and using an SSH host more or less as a hobby,
can I ask any
expert a couple of question, please?

How can anyone be anonymous without chaining through several SSH hosts?  

For my purposes a single proxy would suffice before the Host, but if this were
possible, how do
I configure a proxy for port 22?

Thanks to anyone helping me.

Re: SSH and anonymity

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Unix systems normally use "/var/adm/lastlog" (the path may vary with
different systems) to record the time and host from which you last
logged in.  This is not specific to ssh.

There is also a record written to "wtmp" or "wtmpx".  Again, this is
not specific to ssh.

The ssh daemon might additionally write a log record.  On my system
that goes in "/var/log/authlog" and is not publically readable.

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What criminal activities are you planning, that you need to be

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 vote for regime change in Washington, Nov 02.

Re: SSH and anonymity


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Thanks for the answers.  

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None.  Is that a requirement before I can enjoy anonymity?  

"There are countless reasons why someone may need the reassurance of
anonymity.  The most obvious is as a protection against an over-
bearing Government.  Many people reside in countries where human
rights are dubious and they need anonymity to raise public awareness
and publish these abuses to the world at large.  This second part is
for those people and for the many others who can help by creating

Privacy and anonymity are very important principles associated with
both freedom of speech and democracy.  

"Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority...  It thus
exemplifies the purpose behind the Bill of Rights, and of the First
Amendment in particular:  to protect unpopular individuals from
retaliation - and their ideas from suppression - at the hand
of an intolerant society."

Justice Stevens, McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission, 1996"

Got this from Doctor Who's FAQ.  Not too sure if this quote is real or even if
some would
consider it a just reason for being anonymous.   But since there is a widespread
system which many seem to use, I would suggest anonymity is not only of concern
to me.

Thank you for your response.

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