ssh-add on demand?

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Is there any program or way to have ssh-add invoked whenever the
passphrase for the required key has not already been supplied? Ideally
the soltion would also allow for the passphrase to time-out after a
while if unused.

Am I asking too much?


Re: ssh-add on demand? wrote:
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There are ways to set up keychain. But when do you want it to ask for the
keys? And how should it trigger a request for the reloading of it?

Re: ssh-add on demand?

Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:
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Well like I said, I would like it to ask for the keys only as required,
i.e. it should ask for a passphrase the first time ssh is run (assuming
the target ssh server has a corresponding public key - which leads me
to think this might only be possible by merging ssh/ssh-agent and
ssh-add). Subsequently that passphrase should not be required, a la
normal ssh/ssh-add behaviour. The time out would just be an added

Nonsense, feasible, or existing?

Re: ssh-add on demand?

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The timeout and "on-demand" business make it interesting. What it sounds
like you really want is a wrapper for for the SSH and SCP and SFTP clients,
to only whine about the key if you happen to be at a console and otherwise
to simply call the SSH binary. I'm not aware of anyone having written this,
but it should be child's play to detect whether you are at a tty and do
appropriate things. I'd put it in your ~/bin directory, to keep it out of
other user's way.

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