ssh across socks + remote firewall

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How do I ssh across following configuration?

my box -> -> ->


Re: ssh across socks + remote firewall

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Go grab a copy of "connect" and install it on mybox and

On "mybox" create a ~/.ssh/config something like the following (I'm
assuming your socks server is really port 1080, if not, adjust to suit).

Host remote.public
  ProxyCommand /path/to/connect -S remote.public.ip 22

Host remote.private
  ProxyCommand ssh remote.public /path/to/connect remote.private.ip 22

Now just "ssh remote.private" and in theory it should just work (you may
want to set up public-key authentication so you don't need to type 2

Note that you will be double-encrypting the traffic, so it's not super

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Re: ssh across socks + remote firewall

Sorry should be (NAT firewall) and not really
a SSH server.

my box -> -> remote.public.IP (NAT/or other firewall) ->


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