SSH? A possible solution, Feedback please

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I am looking for a suggestion for software that would enable me to encrypt
various packages, some of which utilise the Microsoft file & print sharing
and others that utilise telnet connections, but also need the capablity of
browsing the web without having this sent through the same route as the
encrypted data.  Probably not the best explanation but here's a quick
outline maybe this might make sense....

Windowx XXX Workstation (XP/2000/WinNT) connecting to a Win2000 server
Application running using file's from the windows server via standard "File
and Print Sharing"
Application data transfer to an online database to the same server using
Internet access to a website for data information retrival via
ADSL/Broadband connection through same network but different router

if anyone has any information can they please email me direct or follow up
here so I can get a good idea of what's needed,

I have looked into SSH which is good for encryption and tunneling but want
to know if I can choose what I put down the tunnel, ie which IP ports it
I have looked into VPN but this seems to redirect ALL ports via the
connection which is not what I want to do.

Thanks in advance


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