ssh-4.6p1 woes

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I am using openssh under Solaris (SPARC) 8, and after the recent update to
4.6p1 am seeing two new problems.

1. cmd execution

whenever I use ssh to execute a remote command (rather than obtaining a
terminal), there is an error in the syslog:

Apr 13 05:50:05 www sshd[15343]: [ID 800047 auth.error] error: channel 0:
chan_read_failed for istate 3

there are a number of posts in various, mostly bsd-related, mailing lists,
observing the same thing under different OSs, but no answer to why this
happens, yet.

2. Eclipse cvs fails

when I configure Eclipse 3.2 to use the openssh installed on the machine,
rather than its built-in client, any attempt to access a cvs repository
results in

    Unknown response received from cvs server.

there are some year-old discussions about something like this happening with
various ssh clients under Windows, because the apparently did not treat
line endings (CR vs. LF) correctly. I can't believe this would surface
again with 4.6p1.

Both problems did not exist with 4.5p1. Does anybody have any clues what
might be going on with 4.6p1?

Roman Maeder

Re: ssh-4.6p1 woes

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It's a side effect of the changes to fix bug #52.

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