ssh 4.1 is slower than 3.6.1

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I had a OpenSSH_3.6.1p2 running on a AIX 5.2, and on the last weekend I
upgrade it to OpenSSH_4.1p1.
After this the clients have related about slowing during use of the
system, If they try to use telnet the conection is ok, but with the new
ssh it is really slow.

I have links of 128 kbps and others faster (256,512) than this. It is
just related on the links of 128 kbps.

Anyone know something about this?

Thank you.

Elcio Mello.

Re: ssh 4.1 is slower than 3.6.1

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It's slower connecting or in operation?  Are interactive and bulk transfers
(eg scp) affected equally.

There's a few hints here:

The other thing that can slow things down is reseeding the RNG, but
from memory AIX 5.2 has a /dev/random so that's probably not it (although
there have been problems with its perms being wrong after upgrades from
earlier AIX versions.)

The reseeding-the-RNG thing has a workaround in OpenSSH 4.3x and above so
it might be worth trying it too.

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