ssh-3.2.5 on cygwin

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Hi all

I am wondering has anyone seen this sort of behaviour with ssh-3.2.5 under

I have just finished compiling ssh-3.2.5 on cygwin and when I am trying to
test the ssh program I get the following message

./ssh2 -d2 <some host> -l greg

debug: connecting to <some host> port 22
debug: client suports 2 auth methods 'public-key etc'

then the ip address info of both the local and the remote machine

Then I get a signal 11

Is it that for ssh-3.2.5 that I have to set the heap size for windows
differently than the default?  or is it something a bit more complex than
this That I havent stumbled upon.

Os: NT4 sp6a

hw: Compaq proliant 384Mb ram

Thanks in advance -greg

Greg Rudd

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