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Is there an environment variable that defines where this directory is
to be found?

My cygwin installation has $HOME set but still cannot find the
$HOME/.ssh directories. In fact, it keeps looking in My Documents

So - therefore, the general question - how can I explicitly define the
path to this directory that gets used for so many things.

One more point - I am using cvs and :ext: so, I can't use the command
line option for SSH (as in -F).

cvs invokes SSH by itself transparently - so I don't have a way to
provide command line parameters (although, maybe .cvsrc or something.

But again, just looking at the general question - can I set an
environment variable to change where .ssh/ is to be found.

Thanks much,


Re: ~/.ssh

LuB wrote:
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Which Windows SSH implementation are you using?

Re: ~/.ssh

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It's a reasonble assumption that he's using openssh under cygwin.

Todd H.
http://www.toddh.net /

Re: ~/.ssh

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cygwin gets the directory for '~' not from the $HOME envvar, but rather from
/etc/passwd.  You need to edit /etc/passwd to set the home directory for the
user in question to the appropriate place.

Chris Dodd

Re: ~/.ssh

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Thanks Chris!

That worked as expected (and now I know a bit more about cygwin).


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