SSH-1's terminals

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        string       TERM environment variable value (e.g. vt100)
        32-bit int   terminal height, rows (e.g., 24)
        32-bit int   terminal width, columns (e.g., 80)
        32-bit int   terminal width, pixels (0 if no graphics) (e.g.,
        32-bit int   terminal height, pixels (0 if no graphics) (e.g.,
        n bytes      tty modes encoded in binary

Why vt100 and why 24x80?  Both seem to be fairly standard, but is
there a specific reason as to why that is?

Also, what other TERM environment variable values other then vt100
would an SSH server support?  Presumably, it depends on something,
however, I'm not really sure what that something it would depend on

Re: SSH-1's terminals

On Mon, 28 May 2007 15:37:09 -0700, yawnmoth wrote:

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    Those are just examples of values that can be encoded in this
particular SSH1 packet.

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