sockets still open when tunnel die ?

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I'm using it with different tunnels in ssh, and on differents
workstations but all my tunnels have one end in common.

I've noticed a strange fact : when I do a ssh on my machine B from my
machine A with a tunnel in ssh (for exemple tunneling port 23). It works

To check the tunnel is up, I run on A the "netstat -an" command, which
tells me that *:23 is listenning. Good.

Then, from A, I set up a second ssh session to the machine C, this time
without tunnels (in fact, if there are any, it doesn't change anything
to the pb).

my "netstat -an" tells my that my tunnel from A to B is still ok.

It work fine for a couple of minutes, and B close the ssh session (a bug
on the road from A to B).

Of course, my ssh session goes out, and so do my telnet "tunnel" session
that was using this ssh session.

BUT ! my putty (0.53b) was also running to connect from A to C, you
remember ? Great, and, here comes the problem.

The first ssh is down, the tunnel is also down. I ran "netstat -an" and
it still answers me that .... *:23 LISTENNING !!!!

I think the second putty session keeps the socket open, but, there's no
tunnel behind this socket.
And when I try to restart the first ssh session, it open an other
socket, but the first is still kept in use by the second 'old' ssh

Can you make putty release the sockets of tunnels when putty die, and no
sockets kept by another running putty ?

Thanks in advance

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