slow upload with nfs over ssh tunnel

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I have a problem with a terrible slow upload to the nfs server when the
nfs protocol is passed through a ssh tunnel.
In detail: I have two machines in LAN connected via ssh tunnel

   client:> ssh -c blowfish -L 7777:server:2049 -L 7778:server:887

and a nfs mount

   client:>mount -t nfs -o
localhost:/share /mnt

downloading from server is quite fast

  client:>dd if=/mnt/bigfile of=/dev/null
    ..... 102400000 bytes (102 MB) copied, 2.60933 seconds, 39.2 MB/s

but upload to server is terribly slow

  client:>dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/zerofile bs=1024 count=100000
   ......  102400000 bytes (102 MB) copied, 72.0704 seconds, 1.4 MB/s

However, simple netcat through a ssh tunnel has the equal (high) speed
in both directions, as well as scp or plain nfs connection.

Any hint is welcome.

Re: slow upload with nfs over ssh tunnel

Sorry but I write you not to give you a solution but another question
We would like to use nfs connection through a firewall.
The version of our OS (HP-UX) can not use fix IP adresse for this case.
So when I read your message I thing that perhaps if I use an ssh tunnel
for the nfs protocol it could be solve my firewall problem.
Is it right ?

K=2E acrit :
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