slow ssh tunnel

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I am tunneling smb over ssh. However, it is annoying slow.
Maximum speed is around 100 KB/s. How is this possible?

My configuration:

I have a Linux pc running RedHat 7.3.
From this linxu pc I would like to access a samba share that is in an
unreachable subnet.
Therefore I tunnel smb (port 139) using ssh via an Sun server that is in the
right subnet.

RedHat 7.3 Linux pc <== 100 Mbit ==> SunOS 5.8 <== 1000 Mbit ==> Samba

The RedHat Linux pc is a 3.0 Ghz Pentium 4 pc
The Sun server has enough power (6 cpus)
The Samba server is big enough to serve a whole department.

Everything is connected through at least 100 Mbit LAN.

During copying, the cpu of all machines is less than 1% in use for ssh.
So, I assume that encryption is not the bottleneck.
Also, transfer of data over 100 Mbit LAN should not be a bottleneck.

sftp from the Linux pc to the Sun server reaches around 2.5 MB/s. (ftp is
much faster)
Still slow, but already more acceptable.

I do not understand the cause of this slow connection.

Any ideas?


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