Slow connection from Win2K Openssh client

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I'm connecting to my home Linux box with a Win2k laptop by OpenSSH 3.6.1
using RSA key authentication. The process works but the comunication is
terribly slow, starting from the authentication. I must wait tents of
seconds to even see my typings on the command line.

I read that a if reverse DNS on the calling address fails, this may cause a
slow auythentication problem; and in fact I found in the logs:

Could not reverse map address

but this shouldn't affect the comunication afterwards. Anyway I started the
daemon with -u0 option, but the reverse map problem was still there, as
well as the slow comunication.

I also tested putty, but in couldn't connect at all, with the error :

debug1: no match: PuTTY

in the log.

May I find a detailed debug procedure, or somebody may suggets how may I
identify the problem?

Thanks in advance
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